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Business Consultancy

By partnering with me, your organization benefits from operational excellence, strategic guidance, innovation, and enhanced stakeholder relations. Together, we navigate change effectively and provide tailored solutions for your specific needs, ensuring long-term success.

Expertise in Offshore Shared Services: With a proven track record in establishing and optimizing offshore shared services across various domains such as Marketing, HR/Talent, Learning, Finance, IT services, Helpdesk, Compliance, and professional services, I excel at delivering value that goes beyond cost considerations. My skill set extends to fostering robust stakeholder relationships, driving innovation, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Proven track record: I’ve managed substantial offshore business support operations, overseeing a team of 1,000 members and leading large-scale operations that span multiple countries. My consultancy embodies an unwavering commitment to tackling intricate business challenges and enhancing operational efficiency. I specialize in unraveling complex issues, identifying growth barriers, and crafting innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s achievable.

Consultancy Commitment: In today’s dynamic business landscape, adaptability is paramount to success, and I am your partner in seamlessly managing change and transitions. Whether it’s streamlining operations for heightened profitability or catalyzing innovation through strategic thinking, I support your organization to not only survive but thrive amidst change, emerging resilient, agile, and be poised to seize new opportunities.

How can I support you?

Strategy, Refining operations, Growth


  • How the shared services model aligns with the business strategy
  • Setting up the shared services
  • Develop and drive the: Vision, Operating model, Value proposition, Culture

Refining the operations

  • Helping you take the services to next level of performance
  • Operational efficiency: Processes, Metrics, Efficiency, Cost effectiveness
  • People aspects
  • Client aspects
  • Communicate value to stakeholders
  • Risk & compliance


  • Expanding capabilities and offerings
  • Expanding the reach – new internal/external clients
  • Creating products/solutions

Challenges that I can help you address

Recent challenges

  • Hybrid working – Processes, Team management, training, retention, etc.
  • Compliance / security
  • Automation, technology disruptions
  • BCP
  • Talent availability

Ongoing challenges

  • Costs
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility for stakeholders
  • Strategic alignment
  • Responsiveness to internal clients and their satisfaction
  • Expansion and growth
  • Engaged employees
  • Moving from cost arbitrage to service orientation

My Approach

Understand & diagnose:

  • Understand your current situation and challenges.
  • Determine business needs.
  • Assess and analyse the current processes.

Identify opportunities for improvement:

  • Present findings and recommendations.

Organise and manage the projects (if required):

  • Develop detailed project plans to drive changes and improvements.
  • Provide guidance to address issues and challenges.
  • Track and assess the effectiveness of projects.
  • Communicate regularly with the concerned stakeholders.

My Credentials

Decades of Offshoring operations and shared services experience

  • Over three decades experience.
  • Offshore Leadership: Over the last 15 years, established and led offshore shared services, specializing in areas like Marketing, HR/Talent, Finance, IT services, Helpdesk, and Compliance.
  • Business Operations: 10 years experience in managing countrywide business operations – setting up businesses, talent management, revenue generation, profit center management, and customer relations.
  • Front-end Sales and Business Development: 10+ years, particularly in IT solutions, learning solutions, and recruiting solutions.
  • Functional Mastery: Hands-on, in-depth knowledge in sales, marketing (of services, Technology products & solutions), and learning solutions (classroom and eLearning). Additionally, extensive leadership experience in HR/Talent, Finance, IT services, Design services, Helpdesk, and Compliance.

Global exposure, Builder, Efficiency

  • Worked closely with customers in India, US, UK, as well as stakeholders in Australia, Canada, SEA, Europe and South Africa. Deep understanding of diverse work cultures and practices.
  • Passionate about building large offshore operations from the ground up, emphasizing value creation beyond cost advantages.
  • I find gratification in improving operational efficiency and productivity, applying creative solutions to navigate complex challenges.

Key Strengths

  • Understanding customer needs, cultivating stakeholder relationships, driving innovation, and achieving operational excellence.
  • Leadership Roles: Senior Vice President at Deloitte, led offshore delivery centers of more than 1,000 team members.

Download Research

Download Research


How will you benefit?

Operational Excellence

My expertise in optimizing offshore shared services ensures efficient operations, cost savings, and heightened profitability.

Strategic Guidance

With a proven track record in offshore operations, I provide expert guidance beyond cost considerations, ensuring your organization achieves desired outcomes.

Innovation and Growth

I foster stakeholder relationships and drive innovation, empowering your organization to compete effectively in a dynamic business landscape.

Change Management Expertise

Proficient in managing change and transitions, I help your organization navigate complex challenges, emerging stronger and more agile.

Strategic Partnership

My commitment to understanding your unique challenges makes me a strategic partner, unlocking your organization’s full potential.

Enhanced Stakeholder Relations

I improve collaboration, communication, and alignment across your organization, strengthening overall performance.

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