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For Organizations

Empowering Excellence: Your Partner for Business Transformation.

I assist clients in establishing and optimizing shared services, offering customized training, leadership development, executive coaching, bridging the campus-corporate gap, and business consulting – including strategy, operations, quality, purpose alignment, and talent engagement. 

Leveraging over 30 years of experience, including 18 years with Deloitte, leading offshore shared services, I offer deep insights into operational efficiencies and large-scale team management, proven by my role in overseeing a team of over 1,200 at an MNC. My commitment is to guide organizations through modern business complexities towards sustainable growth and excellence.

Which organizations can benefit?

In the Shared services journey

  • Setting up shared services: Organizations in the process of deciding to establish shared services.
  • Require Optimization: Organizations that have implemented shared services and seek operational refinement.
  • Expansion Ambitions: Organizations with established shared services aiming to expand and enhance their operations, encompassing both capabilities and geographical reach.

Business operations

  • Start-ups: Assist new businesses and startups that require guidance as they establish their operations.
  • Established and growing: Well-established companies that are seeking to optimize and refine their operational processes. Looking to expand their operations, both in terms of capabilities and geographical reach.
  • Global MNCs that require guidance on streamlining shared services in India or across regions / countries.

Educational Institutions

Provide colleges with comprehensive support in bridging the academia-corporate gap, ensuring a seamless transition for students. Equip students with essential corporate skills while infusing a realistic corporate perspective.


Collaborate with Not for Profit Organizations and NGOs to help them streamline and optimize their operational processes. Identify areas for improvement and implement strategies that enhance their overall efficiency and effectiveness. 

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Leadership is not merely a title; it represents a dedication to continuous development.

I specialize in nurturing exceptional leaders by offering custom-tailored development programs and personalized coaching. Executives harness their vision, resilience, and unwavering determination to lead their organizations to unparalleled success.

Business Consultancy

My services focus on tackling complex business challenges and boosting operational efficiency. I specialize in dissecting intricate problems, pinpointing growth obstacles, and devising innovative solutions for enhanced profitability and strategic innovation.

As a strategic partner, I help unlock your organization’s potential in a constantly evolving business environment, adeptly managing change and transitions, from restructuring to market expansion, ensuring your organization is poised to capitalize on new opportunities.

Purpose Alignment

Unlocking organizational potential through Purpose Alignment and Team Engagement. I specialize in guiding organizations to define their mission and values, creating a compass for every decision. I also align individuals’ personal purpose with the organization’s mission, fostering a motivated workforce.

Engaged teams are vital. I offer dynamic workshops and motivational talks that fuel team excellence through collaboration and innovation, igniting a collective passion for success.

Bridging the Campus-Corporate Gap

I offer comprehensive support to colleges and educational institutions, drawing from my extensive background in shared services, sales, marketing, and learning to enrich the academic experience. My key initiative, “New Beginnings: Transition from Campus to Corporate,” is a detailed soft skills training program aimed at equipping students for a smooth transition into the corporate world, focusing on essential skills like communication, time management, and mindset development.

My goal is to foster the growth and success of students and institutions by imparting my expertise and narrowing the gap between academia and the corporate sector.

Schedule a meeting with me to explore personal or organizational growth. Experience a complimentary coaching session or book talk that could transform your life.

Organizational problem-solving, individualized coaching for personal and professional growth,  the fusion of art for deeper coaching insights, and serving as a creative catalyst.


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