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Finding Your Purpose

As a Purpose Discovery Coach, my goal is to empower you on a journey to uncover and pursue your life’s purpose, aligning it with your passion and core values. Specializing in holistic life design, I guide you beyond life’s superficial aspects towards self-discovery, clarity, and profound fulfillment.

My life coaching approach focuses on discovering your true self and aligns with the concept of the “Goldilocks Zone” from my book “How to get into your Goldilocks Zone.” This method emphasizes self-awareness and finding balance to lead a rewarding life.

The book offers insights into identifying your purpose, leveraging your passions and skills, and provides tools for a strategic and satisfying life, transforming your journey from just living to living purposefully and with satisfaction.

Does this describe you?

Your ordinary workday...

Picture it: Your relentless cycle begins with an alarm that rips you from slumber, pushing you to rise and sweat. The daily ritual, pursuit of a fleeting morning exercise. Then, you embark on the journey to the office, a mundane commute filled with the hum of FM radio and the solace of your cherished tunes. The sun sets, and you drag your weary self back home, where food and a beverage offer temporary respite. But don’t forget your familial duties, carved out in precious moments with loved ones. As the night unfolds, you surrender to the glow of your television screen. Finally, you succumb to slumber in the late hours, only to wake to a relentless dawn.

Your very existence...

You could be anywhere, in any city, in any state, yet your life feels ensnared by the same relentless monotony.

It’s an endless succession of objectives: the pursuit of promotions, running the corporate race, the chase for increments, higher bonuses, the accumulation of houses and upscale automobile shackled by EMIs, the  responsibilities of a child’s education, the occasional escape to foreign shores, and those cherished holidays that punctuate the routine.

Friends from yesteryears, ex-colleagues, and those currently by your side form the backdrop to your life.

Your shackles of discontent...

The chains of EMIs and looming loans weigh heavy on your shoulders. Your insatiable desire for more earnings propels you to yearn for elusive increments and elusive bonuses. The quest for job stability becomes an obsession, a necessary step towards financial fulfillment.

The future of your children hinges on their advanced studies, your aspirations for them, an inescapable obligation.

The unforgiving battleground of office politics fuels your relentless race to ascend.

Your career path remains shrouded in uncertainty, a labyrinthine maze of unpredictable trends and market whims. Genuine, enduring relationships remain elusive, as your existence settles into an unending routine.

If you say "Yes" to over 3 questions, this Coaching is likely beneficial for you.

  • Have you completed your basic education and worked for several years, gaining insights into your likes and dislikes?
  • Do you often feel restless, sensing that something is missing in your life?
  • Are you uncertain of your current career path?
  • Are you on a quest to understand yourself better, seeking greater meaning and fulfillment in life?
  • Are you striving to carve out a long-term path for yourself?
  • Do these questions trouble you: What is my true calling? What am I passionate about? How can I pursue my desires? What is the purpose of my life? How can I find lasting satisfaction?


What is the Purpose Discovery program, how can I help you?

How I Can Help?

  • Shift focus from external to internal stability.
  • Act based on your inner motivations rather than external pressures.
  • Invest time in discovering your Purpose and Passion, align them with Skills and Strategy.

Coaching Process

  • Co-create a path towards your passion.
  • Identify your starting point (Point A) and desired destination (Point B).
  • Develop an action plan to bridge the gap between A and B.

My Coaching Offer

Six sessions over 3-6 months, with each session lasting an hour. Session Breakdown:

  • Session 1: Overview and Step 1 – Principles
  • Session 2: Review of Principles, Step 2 – Purpose Introduction
  • Session 3: Review of Purpose, Step 3 – Passion Exploration
  • Session 4: Review of Passion, Step 4 – Skills Identification
  • Session 5: Review of Skills, Step 5 – Strategy Development
  • Session 6: Action Plan Sharing
  • Additional sessions as needed and based on priorities identified.

Your investment on Coaching

Various pricing options available based on session grouping.

Consider coaching as an investment in your lifelong fulfillment.

Group Programs: Join a group program if one-on-one coaching is not feasible.

Options available for both short-term and long-term engagement.

Free Group Sessions from time to time.

Participate in a free group session to gain insights into your Purpose.

Schedule a meeting with me to explore personal or organizational growth. Experience a complimentary coaching session or book talk that could transform your life.

Organizational problem-solving, individualized coaching for personal and professional growth,  the fusion of art for deeper coaching insights, and serving as a creative catalyst.


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