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Bridging the Campus-Corporate Gap

I provide extensive support to colleges and educational institutions, leveraging my rich background in shared services, sales, marketing, and learning to bring my experience and knowledge to the classroom. My passion lies in inspiring students on their academic and career paths. “New Beginnings: Transition from Campus to Corporate” is a comprehensive soft skills training program meticulously designed to prepare college students for a seamless move into the corporate world. This transformative program instills crucial skills like effective communication, time management, and a vital mindset shift.

I’m eager to contribute to the growth and success of both students and educational institutions by sharing my expertise and bridging the divide between academia and the corporate sphere.

  • I have engaged with a few thousand college students through campus hiring and student sessions. These experiences have inspired me to make it my mission to elevate the preparedness of our students for their future careers in the corporate world.
  • I’ve also conducted several workshops for academic Principals, equipping them with essential leadership skills. These workshops play a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of the millions of students they guide. As an experienced facilitator in leadership and influence techniques, I’ve introduced experiential and problem-based learning, addressing real-life challenges faced by Principals. Additionally, I’ve encouraged collaborative team-based learning, fostering idea exchange and innovative solution development.

Talks and workshops that I can offer

Talks on: Business management, Operations, Marketing & Sales

  • Business Management, Operational Efficiency and Strategic Planning: My experience in setting up and leading offshore shared services can provide valuable real-world examples for students studying business management.
  • Marketing and Sales: Share my expertise in marketing and sales strategies. Discuss market trends, customer relationship management, and effective sales techniques. This knowledge can be particularly beneficial for students pursuing degrees in marketing or sales.

Talks on: Leadership & Professional Development, L&D

  • Leadership and Professional Development: Conduct sessions on leadership skills, professional development, and career growth. My experience in leadership roles and coaching can inspire and guide students in their personal and professional journeys.
  • Learning and Development: Share insights into the field of learning and development. Discuss the importance of continuous learning, training methodologies, and the role of education in career progression. This would be relevant for students pursuing degrees in education or training and development.

Talks on: Shared Services, Soft skills, Motivational Talks & Workshops

  • Shared Services and Outsourcing: Offer specialized lectures on Shared services, Offshoring, Outsourcing, and Operational Optimization. This can be valuable for students studying business process outsourcing, supply chain management, or operations management.
  • Soft Skills and Communication: Focus on soft skills development, including effective communication, time management, and leadership. These skills are essential for students entering the workforce.
  • Motivational Talks and Workshops: Deliver motivational talks and workshops to inspire students to excel in their academic and professional endeavors. Share my success stories and insights on achieving excellence. Bring in professionals from the corporate world.

Workshops on: Transition from Campus to Corporate

Given my experience in helping students transition from campus to corporate, I provide guidance and workshops on this critical phase of a student’s life. Topics include resume building, interview skills, and adapting to corporate culture.

“New Beginnings: Transition from Campus to Corporate” is an extensive soft skills training program meticulously designed by me to prepare college students for a seamless transition into the corporate world.

Program Objectives:

    • Smooth Transition to Corporate Life
    • Readiness for the Hiring process
    • Enhanced Professionalism
    • Effective Workplace Skills


Transition from Campus to Corporate - Topics

Etiquette, Professionalism

Etiquette: Understanding and practicing etiquette is crucial as it sets the foundation for professional behavior in the corporate world. This includes telephone, dining, time management, corporate culture, and general etiquette.

Professionalism: Learning about professional conduct, corporate culture, and workplace expectations is essential for a smooth transition.

Interpersonal & Team skills, Presentations skills

Interpersonal and Team Skills: Building and maintaining positive relationships with peers / superiors is crucial for success in a corporate environment. This includes understanding cultural diversity, networking, and teamwork.

Presentation Skills: These are valuable for meetings, client interactions, and conveying ideas effectively within an organization.

Interview skills and Communication skills

Interview Skills: Securing a job or internship is of paramount importance during the transition to a corporate role, making interview preparation a top priority. This involves honing essential skills such as resume building, interview preparation, and gaining an overview of other facets like group discussions to further bolster readiness for the corporate world.

Communication Skills: Effective communication is a fundamental skill in any corporate setting. This includes verbal, non-verbal, listening, and writing skills.

Conflict Management, Career Development

Conflict Management and Emotional Intelligence: Developing skills to handle conflicts professionally and managing emotions in the workplace are important for maintaining a harmonious work environment.

Career Development and Stress Management: While important, these topics including personal finances, well-being may be considered slightly lower in priority at the initial stages of transitioning to the corporate world. They become more critical as one progresses in their career.

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