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Goddess Durga – symbolizing the divine forces – positive energy, known as divine shakti (feminine energy/ power) that is used against the negative forces of evil and wickedness.  My interpretation: An inspiration for following your self-motivation and drive. .

My acrylic painting of the Lord who removes obstacles, and is symbolic for several values.

Sri Krishna is worshipped as the eighth avatar of Vishnu and is the God of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love. Is often depicted wearing a peacock-feather crown and playing the flute.

My acrylic painting of the Lord who removes obstacles, and is symbolic for several values.

One of the iconic moments from Indian mythology symbolizing the significance of a coaching moment. Gratitude to all teachers, gurus, coaches and mentors for their guidance on different occasions and phases of life.

Shiva performs the Ananda Tandava (dance of bliss), in which the universe is created, maintained, and dissolved. A fearless celebration of the joys of dance while being surrounded by fire, untouched by forces of ignorance and evil, signifying a spirituality that transcends all duality.

Nataraja, symbolizes our connection with the arts, and represents encompassing all creation, destruction and all things in between.

Gautam Buddha – for whom sharing his knowledge about enlightenment with the world became his purpose.

You can discuss with me to create a custom painting, crafted to your preferences – theme, composition, size, colour scheme, your ideas, and other preferences.

The beautiful Rameshwaram Temple corridor.

Ardhanareeshwara means “half” “woman” and “lord”. It is believed to be a combination of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati or Shakti, representing the synthesis of feminine and masculine energies of the cosmos.

My interpretation: For a balanced personality we should imbibe both masculine and feminine qualities.

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Organizational problem-solving, individualized coaching for personal and professional growth,  the fusion of art for deeper coaching insights, and serving as a creative catalyst.


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