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A tribute to the beautiful city Venice.

Set of 5 acrylic paintings of musical instruments – Sitar, Veena, Sarod, Harmonium, and Tabla.

You can discuss with me to create a custom painting, crafted to your preferences – theme, composition, size, colour scheme, your ideas, and other preferences.

Harmonium is a stringed instrument made of wood, metal, brass, and cloth. A kind of a portable wooden box, it was originated in West Bengal. The harmonium has thus become an integral part of Indian Music. It is extensively used to accompany folk, classical, Sufi, and ghazal compositions for both music and dance.

My tribute to Steve Jobs. His quote – “Stay hungry. Stay foolish” is ever inspiring.

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel laureate, a poet – was successful in several other literary genres. A tribute to his contributions and talent, especially the artistic side.

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Organizational problem-solving, individualized coaching for personal and professional growth,  the fusion of art for deeper coaching insights, and serving as a creative catalyst.


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